For most customers, this will be the first time running an offsite server. It is less difficult than you might expect. Here are a list of Frequently Asked Questions that may help.

Who is

We have been hosting Mac minis as servers since they were introduced over 5 years ago. We're the leader in this niche market. We host hundreds of Mac minis for customers all over the world.

When Daylite Server and Daylite Touch were released, we knew that companies would want to get their databases more accessible so they can reach it from anywhere. Our Mac mini servers are a perfect match. We host in one of the most connected buildings in the world. Our facility has high security, reliable power and incredibly fast network speeds.

Put simply, if you want to host your database, we're the best way to do it.

Do I need my own Daylite license?

Yes, each customer will need to supply their own Daylite licenses. If you don't have them, you can purchase your own at the Marketcircle StoreThis is important for the long-term use of your data.

Is a Mac mini powerful enough?

Yes, a Mac mini is a great Daylite Server. In fact, Marketcircle mentions that most of their customers use Mac minis as their server.

Are you officially associated with Marketcircle?

Right now, Marketcircle doesn't offer an official hosting service. But, if you called and asked Marketcircle for a suggestion, they'd likely point you to us. We have a good relationship with the team at Marketcircle.

How does the signup Process work?

When you decide to go with, you can fill in the signup sheet with all your info and your order. We'll get an account setup for you, then send you an email with all the login credentials.

Can I also use my Mac mini as a file server?

Absolutely. The best thing about running your own server is that you can use it as a file server, web server, etc. Mac OS X makes it so easy to start these services up, so just login to your Mac mini and enable the service.

Will my Daylite database be backed up?

You'll be in charge of backing up your own database. You can back it up to a local secondary drive, or you may prefer to pull a backup of your database to your local machine periodically.

What is Remote Reboot?

If your Mac mini server stalls or is unreachable, you'll be able to login to the power outlet and cycle the power. This will restart the Mac mini and bring it back up nearly all the time. It's the easiest, fastest way to get back online.

Do I have a bandwidth limit?

The machine will be have a soft limit of 500GB of bandwidth a month. This is more than enough for Daylite and should cover most file sharing needs. If a customer reaches the limit, we'll let them know and work out a plan with them.

What is my contract length?

Daylite Hosting is a month to month service. You can cancel anytime you need to and we'll close down the account. Be sure to use up your full billing cycle, as refunds won't be offered for the month pre-paid.

What if I have my own Mac mini to use?

This service was offered for those who didn't want a large up-front cost of hardware. However, if you have your own machine, you're welcome to send it in for use. The best way to do this is to signup for your own colocation at As soon as you signup, you'll receive all of your network information. This will allow you to send in the mini ready to go.