Following are the top ten reasons to have your Daylite database hosted with
  1. Access your database from anywhere. Your machine will have a static ip address and a domain name for you to point to no matter where you are in the world. Work from different locations for both you and your employees. Have your Mac, iPhone and iPad always up to date.

  2. Our network is fast. With 100mb/s and no cap on how much speed you can use, you'll have your database served to you quickly.

  3. You'll have your database and machine in a very secure location. Located in a tier four data center, the location is heavily protected with very limited access. If your office is broken into, your data is still safe with us.

  4. Using a Mac mini will greatly decrease your carbon footprint. They require 6% of the power a Xserve would need but still maintain nearly 90% of of the performance for most things.

  5. While your Mac mini is serving up your database, it also has other advantages. Setup an FTP account to host your files so you have access from anywhere. Serve up your website or your emails.

  6. If you're new to sharing Daylite databases, we've also created a video tutorial on installing Daylite Server to a Remote Mac mini. It's real simple.

  7. Starting at just $99/mo, it's cheaper than a T1 line coming into your office or home. At the same time, it's more reliable and much faster.

  8. At Daylite Hosting and Macminicolo, we maintain a great relationship with our customers. Often you can catch us right on ichat from our contact page. If you send our sales and support team an email our response will be personable and usually quite quick.

  9. We have customers scattered across the country and worldwide.

  10. Our data center is located in Las Vegas, geographically the safest place to have a data center. Plus, if your machine works hard for you and you want to give it the weekend off, we can show it a good time on the Las Vegas strip for an evening.